Sleeping over with The North Face 2010 Preview

Crew getting the low down from the guides, before heading into the hills for the week

I’ve just returned from an eye opening week camping in the hills that surround Mt Cook. I’ve been working with The North Face over the past few years on there photography advertising/editorial campaigns for the NZ snow season, but this year I was called in to document a rather unique adventure through video. I don’t really want to give away too much but the journey involved camping on a ridge opposite to mt cook, skinning and hiking all of our lines, and an epic 2 day walk out over glaciers, mountain passes, river beds and valleys. It was incredibly challenging to do this journey, let alone try and document it professionally! These are a few photos to give you a bit of a tease. I’ll be working on the video edit and it will appear online sometime in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

Steve Wini, Marketing Manager for TNF. All business on the blackberry before heading into the hills

Charlie Timmins ready for a few nights out

Our day to fly into the hills, Pristine

Setting up our campsite

Shooting some big lines, Fraser Mcdougall got a goodie up here

One of our guides Dave taking a look around his office.

This is a still frame from a time lapse of our campsite at about 11pm under the full moon. It was surreal!

A lone poplar tree in the Cass Valley on our final day walking out

Janina enjoys a barefoot river crossing

Our other guide BJ, the crazy canuk at the end of the trip


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