Wanaka Film Trust – Gone in 60 Seconds II competition


Unbeknown to myself until just over a month ago, there’s a small group of filmies in Wanaka who have formed the ‘Wanaka Film Trust‘ – A group of like minded filmers forming a trust for future events, projects, networking and so on. Last night there was a $5 WFT screening at the Paradiso featuring 3 New Zealand short films, a documentary on the making of Peter Jacksons film ‘Bad Taste’ and the launch of the second ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ film making competition.  The only rule with this competition is that the film has to be 60 seconds long. It can be shot on a cell phone, or a red camera and has to be submitted to the Paradiso Cinema by 5pm, 1st November 2010. There’s a bunch of prizes up for grabs and should be a great way to kick off peoples creativity! There will be a screening and awards night on the 9th of November at the Paradiso. I’m drumming up some ideas and will be sure to enter.

So if you have any interest in any sort of moving images go on and like WFT on Facebook, bookmark the blog, and follow on Twitter. Hopefully we’ll be doing some great community based film projects in the future!


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