Winter of Wells Episode 16 – Mt Ruapehu

Here it is ladies and gents, WOW number 16 is live. Ironically, we’ve traveled all over the world shooting this programme, and following our own snow driven pursuits but hardly any of us on this trip had been to Ruapehu. It can be very hard to get good weather at this resort and somehow the stars aligned for us on the weekend, scoring ‘the best day of the season’. It was a rad weekend, big thanks to Ruapehu and Atomic. Here’s a bunch of photos from my self and my artsy photo apprentice JWells to accompany the video above.

Stef Zeestraten checking in at Queenstown Airport. We always fly with AIRNZ as there planes are best equiped to get out of QT in any weather.

Two link planes would land us in Palmerston North, only a 2 hour drive from our base Ohakune

Myself setting up interviews at the airport.

This is what we do.

The best day of the season, Dutchy with freshies in Ohakune

I love snapping candid portraits on my travels. Here’s a bunch of faces from the trip.  Jackson Wells.

Stef Zeestraten

Byron Wells

Ian Bright from Brandex

Jake Koia

Our MC/tour guide/entertainment – John

Stef and Joss try the Ohakune Choc Eclairs, a must do.

Stef taking in the views on the flight home


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