The Whole Nine Yards

It is with great pleasure that I can show you all ‘The Whole Nine Yards’, a video I produced from my trip with The North Face at the end of August up to the mountains surrounding Mt Cook. This was one of the most challenging and memorable jobs I have under taken in my career so far.

A trip like this requires a lot of planning and the logistics of organizing 9 people to under take a very ambitious mission in one of the wildest parts of NZ are pretty crazy . There are so many variables that you cannot control and one of the biggest skills is being able to adapt with what ever is put in front of you. It was a huge challenge trying to film this professionally and build the story as it happened. Aside from the initial flight in this whole trip was done under the power of our own bodies.

On top of having to hike for days on end, there was carrying over 23kg of camera gear including two cameras, tripods, lenses, mics, snow shoes, harness, crampons, ice axes, camping gear etc. The following photos are by Mark Watson and give you a bit of a behind the scenes look into the trip. A huge thanks to Alpine Guides and Lindsay Horner for designing the intro & title graphics.

Janina and Mitchy packing the car at the start of the trip in Wanaka

Myself filming road trip intro shots

The crew from left, Mitchy, Fraser, Janina, Charlie, Myself, and Steve (TNF Marketing Manager )

One of our guides Ben Johns was an amazing character with stories for days. The night prior to leaving we all had to leave behind most of our clothes.

The girls setting up there tent. The most amazing campsite I’ve had in my life

All the lines on this trip were earned by foot, after the initial chopper ride in it was all hard work. I filmed on a mixture of the Canon 5DMKII and Panasonic HVX. Here I’m shooting some small depth of field detailed ridge shots found at the start of the video. Stacking up ND filters on top of a ridge can be challenging!

Its easy to underestimate how much food you need to keep you going under these conditions. Chunky sandwhich anyone?

Fraser Mcdougall getting lines in the last light above the campsite

My Canon 5DMKII shooting a night time lapse under the full moon of the campsite. 20 second exposures at a interval of 25 seconds over a couple of hours.I would of loved to time lapse all night, but had to preserve battery power.

At the top of a mountain pass time lapsing the rest of the crew hiking up with the Canon 5DMKII whilst shooting cut aways with the Panasonic HVX. My Fstop Satori backpack had about 23kg of camera equipment in it alone and did the job easily.

Fraser Mcdougall on day one of the hike out. Getting turns in front of an incredible water fall

I couldn’t resist a cheeky slash on the way out. My tripod for these trips is a Manfrotto 503 head on Magfibre legs.

Only one of us fell into the river on the hike out.

The memorial hut was 5 star accommodation after a night out on ridge glacier

On our last day of hiking we had a couple of bare foot river crossings. Fairly cold. This trip completely killed my snowboard boots

Exhausted, very damp and we got out just in front of the storm. Waiting for the 4WDs for the ride out. Ah crap, what will we do with The North Face next?


6 responses to “The Whole Nine Yards

  1. Looks amazing. Well done Tim.

  2. utter utter magic. soooo good. thanks tim

  3. That was a great video , man id love to do a trip like that.
    Very well done,

  4. Thanks heaps for the compliments guys!

  5. Tim, great stuff, and thanks for the behind the scenes pics and info. Super, super well done, the video was great. I know how challenging, (to an extent) it can be to be in the backcountry with all your gear, trying to shoot everything, and do it in a cool, cinematic way. You did a great job, thanks for sharing.

  6. Yeah Wallow, that shnit’s ill brother!
    All that hiking and whatnot in snowboard gear, carrying your setup – that’s hard yards!
    Nice work.

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