Closing days

Anton Piggins and Nick Poohachof close off 2010

I’ve had the pleasure of riding both of the closing days at Snow Park and Cardrona over the weekend. There’s nothing quite like the vibe of a closing day to lift every ones moods. Everyone drinks way too much alcohol, lets there hair down, and its almost a competition to be the person doing the most stupid shit on the hill. I saw everything from tits and ass, to boogie boards, to hula skirts. The silly mood inspired me to take some silly photos. Here’s a bunch of blurry follow photos that any art school teacher would be proud of. Enjoy

The season is done

The most entertaining character in Wanaka. Antony Piggins

Incase you can’t notice. Byron Wells is working hard on his facial hair. Semi ginger bum fluff in full rage

Byron Wells on a snowboard. Stales all day

Nick Poohachof was there. I’ve been filming a little bit with Pooch for fun, expect to see an edit out some time soon

Byron, myself, Abby Lockhart

What better way to great spring than in a convertible on Saturday arvo!


One response to “Closing days

  1. Love the fisheye Tim 😉 Just bought one for my 7D – so cool.

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