Single Speed World Mountainbike Champs

Not your typical mountainbike event

Last week Graeme Murray dropped me a line to see if I’d be interested in shooting the World Single Speed Mountainbike Champs in Rotorua for him. It came as a perfect break to get away from Wanaka, catch up with Auckland friends and check out something new. Organized by Marcus and Dean from N-Duro Events it is surely something unique that I have never witnessed before.

Over 1000 mountainbikers pack into the smelly settlement of Rotorua and transform the tourist town into complete and utter mayhem. About 5% of the field take the competition seriously and the other 95% get drunk, dress up in costumes, and have an amazing time on a huge variety of bikes across a 42km course.

Beer Stops are optional twice in the race, allowing competitors to save time by skulling a beer. If they don’t pull into the beer stop they take a longer route.

It’s an incredible event to be involved in, the footage I’m shooting will pop up online at sometime soon! Graeme will drop me a line when its finished and you’ll be sure to see it. For now here’s a bunch of photos I snapped in between filming.

Graeme Murray on his trusty transport

There’s a large amount of competitions between each country held around the event to see which country will hold the event the next year


Graeme Murray shooting winner Garth Weinberg getting his compulsory winners tatto


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