Tim Pierce x Go Pro x November 2010

As a professional photographer and film maker it can be very easy to get caught up in all the marketing hype surrounded by the release of new equipment. Camera technology is evolving so quickly and I do my best to keep up so that my work stays at the highest calibre. How ever, it can be easy to forget why I started doing this in the first place, for the sheer FUN and ENJOYMENT of taking photographs and video.

The GoPro camera has re lit this inside of me, its made me start snapping for fun again. The small cameras take amazing quality hi def video and photos and can be mounted almost anywhere. Despite there almost toy like appearance they pack some serious punch for such a small camera. I love having no screen, no focus, no exposure, and just snapping away.

I’m going to be posting up monthly web photo galleries from the gopro on this blog, containing images of my friends, travels, work and what ever takes my eye. I’m also going to be using these go pros a lot more in my action sports work. They won’t replace my professional cameras but they constantly remind me to have fun with them!


2 responses to “Tim Pierce x Go Pro x November 2010

  1. Hey Tim,
    Thanks for sharing this with us through Vimeo. We enjoyed your video highlight of the amazing GoPro. Nice stills too. I’m always amazed what this little thing can do.

    Check out a few of the photos I’ve taken while climbing at REd Rocks few week ago


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