RC Heli Filming – Chasing Gannets

Last week I got to spend some time with Matt Wilmot from Media Mechanics, training to be a DOP/cameraman for his RC helicopter and camera mount. The concept of flying cameras on RC helis is far from new, but with the evolution of HD video capabilities within digital SLRS its brought through a whole new world of opportunities with the right pilot and camera operator. ( Due to the small size of the camera, and the quality of picture it can produce SLR lenses and large sensor )

This is a very serious piece of equipment that creates a lot of interest from the public. We had an interesting crowd of American Gannet enthusiasts quite excited

Matt’s spent hours perfecting the process and the heli is quickly being used for all sorts of applications. The video below has a few clips from shooting a Volvo commercial recently, and briefly shows you how it works.

There’s a fairly high chance you’ll see some shots from it in my future projects, with the right planning it has the potential to open some new doors.

I used this controller to operate the 3 way camera gimbal , whislt Matt flies the helicopter.

You’d never guess I’m operating the camera through this eye piece. A live down feed is sent to the goggles and I am able to see what ever the camera sees. Which can be quite an exhilarating rush when flying over a gannet colony. You can also look like a giggling twat standing there swaying around! I’m excited for the future of this rig!



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