Zeros & Ones add up – an evening with Tim Pierce

This is an open invitation to anyone who may be interested in seeing my work and hearing me talk complete and absolute rubbish for one night only. I’m teaming up with the Wanaka Film Trust to do a screening of my video work from over the last year at the Cinema Paradiso on Thursday 16th of December at 7pm. Tickets are $8 and are available on the night, or you can pre book them by calling the cinema. (03 443 1505)

I’m going to be showing a bunch of my projects that you will have seen online on the big screen, and explaining exactly what goes into the process, from creating the concept right through to distributing the final product. Its an opportunity for people to learn about video production, see what is being produced locally and even get your hands on some of my equipment at the end of the night.

A big thanks goes out to Oakley, The North Face, Atomic, & the Wanaka Film Trust for supporting the event and making it possible. There will be a few goodies given away on the night from Oakley and The North Face too! Any questions just contact me.


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