Myself upon leaving Wanaka

Within 24 hours the madness has begun all over again. I’m back into the transient life of living on the road. I landed in San Fransisco this morning and will be in the northern hemisphere for the next few months working on the Winter of Wells and another big documentary/movie project to be announced soon.

Sunset, a few hours out of AK towards USA last night

Traveling is something that I’m trying to dial in more and more. It’s an incredible experience but can be exhausting and very hard to juggle all the travel with a huge work load.

I was able to upgrade my ticket from AK – San Fran on this trip using my air points so that I was seated in Premium Economy. Its the first time I’ve traveled outside of the standard ‘coach’ seating and it does make a huge world of difference. I’m over 6 foot and was able to stretch out with plenty of room, the meals filled me up & the service was great. This is something I will be doing a lot more often in the future and recommend to anyone flying with AirNZ.

What I find most interesting when traveling is the details that you notice, or don’t notice when you return to the same country. On my first trip to the states at 18 it was such a huge culture shock and I was so over whelmed with the differences. After over half a dozen visits it’s still the little differences between our countries & cultures that amuse and inspire me. It’s incredible how the way that we live is shaped so strongly by our surroundings and people that influence us within our local communities. Sub cultures and trends within cities always catch my attention.

My way of embracing American culture, mixed grain bagel with cream cheese, and a Starbucks coffee.

Ironically, America has a huge sporting culture – sports stars are some what gods within this country. ( Which is one of the reasons athletes such as Jossi Wells can make a living & end up on billboards in time square ) As a kid I’d see basketball and baseball players on television but we never really idolized them in nuzeeland. That’s why I can take great enjoyment walking into a collectors shop and seeing how it effects people over here. Seeing grown men absoloutley frothing over a base ball card is quite entertaining. I also got to see a pair of boxing gloves signed by the one and only Muhammad Ali.

I’ll keep you all updated with my travels and work through this blog as per usual. All photos on here were shot on the iphone 3GS. Tomorrow I fly to Park City to meet up with Jossi Wells and the crew at Monster for about a week. Expect the next Winter of Wells ep shortly.


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