Red Bull Brook Macdonald Shoot

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot with Red Bull & Brook Macdonald for two days in Queenstown. Brook has just recently been signed to the Red Bull team and we were shooting a 8 minute segment for the Red Bull Chronicles TV show. It was a very entertaining shoot and I look forward to seeing what Trinity Ludlow from Monarch Post cuts together for the show. I’ll post the segment up here when it hits the web. Here’s a few snaps of the inbetweens, we covered a lot of ground in a small amount of time!

Brook has been signed to the Evil team, along side the one and only Wyn Masters. Very nice looking downhill bikes

We had a couple of beautiful early morning shoots. gets the shot

Alfie Speight, one of the most highly regarded Heli pilots for filming in New Zealand.

Jon Forder, directing from the air

Brook gets chased on the Dirt Park downhill track

Regan Low ( RJLOWPHOTOGRAPHY.COM ) has an incredible heli rig that he’s engineered himself. When flying with Alfie Speight, the two are a great combo.

Brook looking content after his first major shoot. I look forward to seeing where Brook goes in the future.


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