Relaxin’ at the Wanaka Lakehouse

One of the prizes I won from winning the Wanaka Film Trust gone in 60 secondsII film competition was a night for two in the Wanaka Lakehouse. I took the pleasure of enjoying this last night on my second to last night in New Zealand. The Lakehouse is an incredible property, being all eco friendly, constructed almost entirely of wood, with no expenses spared it is an absolute luxury to stay in. The hosts even go so far as providing you all you could want to eat and drink, which is amazing for a bed and breakfast. Many incredible features in this house including a pool in the living room ( No chemicals, so there’s no smell only the sound of bubbling water ) It made me feel like I was on holiday in my own home town which I’ve never experienced before. I’ll be recommending this to a lot of people. More incentive to do next years competition! Check it out – Oh and you can check my winning short film ‘blip’ here.

The most incredible in door pool located right beside the living room, you could be cooking pizzas in the pizza oven above the fire 2m away from your friends swimming round in this

The pool also has some jets that you’re meant to swim into, I found them amusing.


2 responses to “Relaxin’ at the Wanaka Lakehouse

  1. Certainly looks like an amazing place to stay. Thanks for sharing the details and photos..No GoPro video action from the swimming pool?

  2. No Worries. Hahaha unfortunately no go pro, but it would of been great there! Only bought my 7d along to test it out…

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