Air New Zealand 777 Maiden voyage

I just woke up, and thought, shit, might aswell film these new seats.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to find my self on the maiden long haul voyage of one of Air New Zealands new fleet of 777s. For months Air New Zealand have been pumping out advertisements for the new seating arrangements in these planes. I figured it’d be worth shooting the above video to show you all, plus a few snaps for details. Overall it was a great flight and the new planes are definitely an improvement.

I always seem to get nice sun sets flying out of New Zealand

The new ‘cocoons’ in premium economy. They give you great privacy and room to strech, how ever I still found it hard to sleep. But a big improvement on the old seats.

My view.. note the USB/power charges in the arm rest, very handy. Plus the new fold out trays are big enough for a 17″ macbook

New touch screens. These work a lot quicker and have far fewer glitches than previously. The menues are also designed a lot better. I’m working on getting more of my programming on these planes shortly!

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but these bathrooms are about double the size of the old ones. With some quite amusing book titles painted on the walls

I also had a 6 hour stop over in Los Angeles enroute to Denver, so I decided to go pop down to Manhattan beach, definitely recommend this to anyone with time here. Just a $20 cab ride away from the airport.


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