Catching up

Long exposure from NZ5 somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Reflections are always an issue from lights within the cabin, along with turbulence. I’m working on a system for my next long haul which should prevent this.

In between a tonne of travel I’ve snapped a few photos to keep this blog tickin’ ( And to remind everyone that yes, I do still take photos when I can ) so here’s some snaps to wrap your eyes around. Shot on a Canon 5DMKII and Lecia DLUX5. ( In depth post on the DLUX 5 coming up on this blog soon ) I’m currently back in my home town of Wanaka, New Zealand where I’ve set up a temporary office for a week. Not living out of bags and the familiarities of home are incredible. Plenty of meetings, editing, and organizing going down at the moment. The madness never stops, Australia at the end of the week.

Poor Boyz Office, LAX, only a coupla blocks back from Hermosa Beach

Dylan Malone, PBP


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