Revealing Lake Wanaka – Calum Macelod

[vimeo w=750&h=422]

Woooo! ‘Eres some colorful autumn content from Wanaka New Zealand in the conveniently bite sized online installment of a series I’m producing called ‘Revealing Lake Wanaka’. The subject this time around, the one and only Calum Macleod, an entertaining scottsman who’s calls Wanaka his home, and his creation ABC Cinema his second home! As I was away in the states on work, I called in Ben Ruffell to shoot the majority of this story. Lotsa warm colourful autmun imagery to get your mind off the cold winter ahead. Ben also sent through some behind the scenes pics of him getting the job done. Back ground track by our good friends James Brown & Kolab.

Ben Ruffell & Calum Macleod prepping for shooting Road Biking around Glendhu Bay

Ben Setting up with Calum at the lake front.

Ben getting work done. I.V shot on the PDW700/Canon 5DMKII. I shot all the hand held imagery of the projectors on the 5DMKII.


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