Revealing Lake Wanaka – Harry Urquhart

[vimeo w=750&h=422]

Last week I had the pleasure of getting to know Harry Urquhart and shooting this piece on him for my latest mini doco styled series Revealing Lake Wanaka. Harry is part of the massive Urquhart tribe which have breeded through out the Hawea flats. He’s an inspirational farmer/fisherman, who’s got a few stories to tell and a great out look on life. His knowledge of fishing in Lake Hawea is incredible. Without this being a blatent plug if you do want to catch a fish in Lake Hawea get in touch with Harry. Below are some images of me shooting this episode taken by Bel Jones. Filmed on Canon 5DMKII/7d & L Series primes, along with Panasonic HVX200 & Sony/Sennheiser mics. Oh and a gopro for the under water fish shots!


2 responses to “Revealing Lake Wanaka – Harry Urquhart

  1. Just had a look at this little documentary and that’s really cool, I like the way it’s filmed and how harry tell his story.

  2. Fab! Thanks bud. You can check the whole series out here too –

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