The Shot Over Gimbal System

The Shot Over & Myself

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to work with the boys over at Queenstown Camera, Local Action & the developers of the holy Shot-Over Gimbal System. I’ve been hiring there equipment and have some projects lining up with them in the future.

The Shot Over is essentially a gimbal/gyro stabilized system that allows the best digital cinema cameras in the world to be mounted on all sorts of moving platforms and shoot stable images. A helicopter being the ideal platform for the Shot-Over. John Coyle, the founder of Cineflex has been in charge of the development of this product and this is set to be the future of high end commercials and film making.

Yesterday the Shot-Over and a Sony f-35 were mounted on a tulip crane which was on the back of a Ford f100. A bunch of tests were run in Queenstown from the f100 whilst filming another moving vehicle. The system is dam easy for any operator to use particularly if your a digi kid. We’ll be using this for shooting ‘Winter of Wells – The Documentary’ this winter and hopefully a bunch of other projects in the future. Keep your eyes peeled – I will pop some content online from this system soon! Heres some snaps from the shoot off a Canon 5DMKII w 24-70 2.8, Olympus DLUX 5 & iphone 3gs.

The main men from left, Mr Turtill, John Coyle, Brad Hurndell and Brett Mills reviewing the goods

You operate the system through a control panel with a joystick and a bunch of knobbies. Even with a fractured left arm and ruined right shoulder I was able to operate. Although a little challenging at the beginning it won’t take operators long to get the hang of this.

I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know some of the gear at QCam. There is anything you could ever need in the way of high end cameras, lighting and accesories. If you’re producing anything in NZ and need the gear, these are the lads to get in touch with. Geek on!


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