Tim Pierce wins NZ Mountain Film Festival

My first novelty sized cheque for $1000. Thanks NZMFF!

I’ve floated this around crackface and tweetbook for a while, but I’m pretty stoked to announce on here that I won one of the top awards at the New Zealand Mountain film festival. Best made NZ Film and the Hiddleston / Macqueen award. The award was for the film below that I produced for The North Face last year titled ‘The Whole Nine Yards’

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/15141190 w=750&h=422]

This has given me a lot more inspiration to enter some of my work into film festivals. The NZMFF is on all week in Wanaka and there is a bunch of incredible films playing so if you can make sure you check it out. My film plays tonight, July2nd. I also managed to get a little face time on TV3 news last night. Follow this link to check that out –


2 responses to “Tim Pierce wins NZ Mountain Film Festival

  1. mary akkerman

    I can see why this film won the NZMFF award; it showcase the nation’s fearsomely spectacular mountain scenery, gives an eagle’s-eye view of the outstanding skills of the young skiers (and camera crew), and highlights the importance of being will kitted out when taking on such freezing conditions. Great effort. – Mary 🙂

  2. good work mate, well deserved

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