Winter Games

I’ve had a couple of days up my sleeve recently to head up the hill and be a spectator for once. I’ve checked out a couple of the Winter Games events and even had a day skiing. Here’s some behind the scenes snaps off my 5DMKII w/ Canon 50mm1.4 from in and around the Winter Games.

Clemens Stieboeck from Atomic has been in NZ for the last few weeks, working on the Atomic catalog. As I’ve been busy working on the Wells doco, I’ve passed my duties to NZers Camilla Stoddart and Graeme Murray.

The Austrian Alpine ski team is also here training at the moment. One of the head coaches was checking out the WG Big Air.

Jossi Wells has found the podiums again. Taking 2nd in WG Pipe & Slope along with 3rd in the Big Air.

Bruce Wells

Bruce & Jossi at the drop in

Miles Holden

Camilla Stoddart

Byron Wells has plenty of thinking time on his hands at the moment. Time to fly helis!


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