Intel Visual Life – Michael Wolff

Electronics manufacturer Intel has produced an incredible series of short films called the ‘Visual Life’ which really caught my attention this morning. I can’t find out who was employed to produce these but they are incredible. The series follows a variety of successful people who work within the ‘visual’ industries. The above film of Michael Wolff is incredible in every aspect of production and a truly compelling story. Share it round!


4 responses to “Intel Visual Life – Michael Wolff

  1. Tim,

    Thanks for the kind words. Visual Life campaign was created by our team at Amsterdam Worldwide in support of Intel and launch of their latest Core chip. We created a platform for work from the whole Intel global team and consumers. We shot several films, notably the Sartorialist, and Kitty & Lala from China. We curated and sometimes edited, but did not shoot, the other work including the lovely one you reference about Michael Wolff.

    As someone at Intel said – “It’s not about what we make – but what we make possible”.

  2. Hi Brian, Thanks for reaching out and filling me in! I’d be intrigued to find out the directors / DOPs used for the films? They are all beauitful!

  3. Kecia McLaughlin

    I would also love to find out who directed Intel Visual Life – Michael Wolff……..

  4. ok – will get back to you w creds

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