Operating the Shotover Gimbal

The Shotover camera gimbal, Jon Forder (RedbullNZ) & John Coyle (Shotover)

At the end of June I blogged up some content from a test shoot with the Shotover camera gimbal. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to clock a few days operating the gimbal whilst mounted on a helicopter with Alfie Speight flying. I’ve used the gimbal to film for my feature documentary, Winter of Wells – The Documentary which is released at the end of October in Austria, a promotional video for the Southern Hemisphere Prooving Grounds and a Red Bull shoot with snowboarder Jake Koia.

There will be an exclusive video released with ESPN next month that will show you exactly how I operate the gimbal whilst shooting with Jossi Wells but for now here’s a few cheeky snaps off my Canon5DMKII & 15mm fish eye.

Jon Forder with pilot Alfie Speight. Alfie is New Zealands best film pilot, with over 13000 hours under his belt and credits such as principle pilot on feature films Lord of The Rings, Peter Pan, King Kong & even the snowboard film Thats it Thats all. It’s such a pleasure to fly with him!

Brad Hurndell, the engineer that has been working on the gimbal for the past two years.

I’ve uploaded a few snaps off my phone to facebook whilst operating the gimbal and it’s got some pretty interesting comments such as ‘It looks like an outdoor hair perm maker’ & ‘Does it artificially inseminate dragons ?’

This is my view as I operate the gimbal. Hours pass by really quickly when your gripping the joystick and concentrating hard on the small monitor in front of your face.

Brad Hurndel with the Cinedeck in his hands. The Shotover can record to the cinedeck in a variety of formats.


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