Revealing Lake Wanaka – Jossi Wells

[vimeo w=750&h=422]

Here’s the latest install of RLW on Jossi & Byron Wells. Having traveled the world with Jossi for the last few years, we’ve had many discussions on why we keep coming back to Wanaka and exactly what we value about it, so it’s rad for me to be able to tell this story through this episode. A lot of people see coming from a small town as a disadvantage to being able to succeed internationally, but both Joss and I take it as an advantage and challenge. You can view the entire series of Revealing Lake Wanaka on the following link –


2 responses to “Revealing Lake Wanaka – Jossi Wells

  1. Funny that, I was born and raised in Wanaka and never ever saw a kid riding a bike like that. Doesn’t really say Wanaka to me at all. We had push bikes and you know……affordable stuff.

  2. Aha interesting comment Scott. I think you’ll find Jossi can relate to ‘affordable stuff’ and riding push bikes growing up in wanaka. I guess Jossi isn’t a kid any more at 21 either. So perhaps he can ride a motorbike?

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