The North Face 2011 Heli Sneak Peak

The crew, from left Mitchy Greig, Camilla Stoddart, Fraser Mcdougall, Janina Kuzma and myself.

Last week I had the opportunity to go out heli’ing for a day with one of my clients The North Face. I’ve worked with TNF a lot over the past 3-4 years on photography/video projects, and it always produces some memorable experiences. I’m editing a video which will be going online within the next few days which will tell the story of the day in full, but for now here’s a few snaps off my iphone/5d for a sneak peak.

We flew with Harris Mountain Helis and we got to ride some very interesting terrain. The stable snow pack meant we could get into some steeps including the climax of the day – Mt Tyndall ( Featured behind the heli here )

This is Mt Tyndall from a distance. 

Steve from TNF, fizzing!

Camilla Stoddartt and one of our guides Whitney Thurlow – Meyer

We managed to tick off a lot of different lines in a day… Video dropping soon!


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