Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney: Josh Sheehan wins Levi Sherwood 2nd

Redbull Xfighters 2011 – Sydney

I’m sitting in Sydney airport writing this update whilst waiting for my flight back to Queenstown. Yesterday was insane, going to an X-Fighters event is an incredible experience, something that I will remember for a long time. Local ausy hero Josh Sheehan won the event, and NZs own Levi Sherwood came in second – Josh securing the win with his double backie, a trick of such high commitment on a dirt bike! Here’s another photo blog, and tomorrow I’ll be posting up a little blog vid of the event. It was very strange being at an event and not shooting professionally, but just for shits and giggles. Enjoy.

As X-Fighters started at Mid day, I enjoyed the morning strolling round Sydney and was impressed at how clean the central city is.

We stayed at the Blue Hotel, which was pretty funky. Jon Forder from Red Bull NZ in the spot light.

The Guests of Red Bull had their own boat chartered to Cockatoo Island. Somewhat of a floating dance party

Scotty James, Australian snowboarder was there. Providing all the entertainment that a cheeky 17 year old can.

Australian skiier Russ Henshaw was also there.

Offloading the party boat to Cockatoo Island

A heli with a cineflex was buzzing round all day providing over views of the event, streaming live to the screens in the venue.

Cable Cam

Steadicam operator

There was a massive opening ceremony with all sortsa crazy shit going on! The riders becoming ‘actors’ – They really put on a show

Josh Sheehan pulling into the second flip of the double backie. I filmed a few of these so you’ll see how crazy the rotation is

The boatride back to Sydney. A crazy experience, i’ll chuck out a little video of the trip tomorrow.


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