Working with Atomic

The first snow settles on the hills surrounding the Atomic factory in Austria during October

Atomic have been my biggest client within the snow sports industry over the past few years and I figured I’d do a small post to show you a little from their head quarters in Altnmrkt Austria. ( Check this post from my first visit in 2009, or this sweet video  )

Every time I’m in Europe, we head to the HQ to check out where all the decisions are made. There is a large factory where all the skis are produced and a bunch of offices. I kinda like to refer to it as an airport set within a small lush Austrian town.

Within the offices several images line the walls, some of which I’ve shot in the past years. It’s always nice to turn up and see them displayed nicely.

Winter of Wells the doco posters displayed through out the offices

Myself doing some final touches on the doco from within one of the offices. The image above me is one that I shot of Byron Wells at Cardrona last year.

And here’s the Atomic 2012 Athlete video, as you can see Atomic cover every aspect of skiing. A few of my shots from Winter of Wells The Documentary snuck in there of Jossi and Byron.


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