05/01/2012 – Wanaka Fire Images

This morning my girlfriend & I woke at 4am to the smell of smoke in our room, we had been sleeping with our windows open & soon found out there was a large fire close by in our neighbourhood. The fire was just behind Bevan & Islington Place at the bottom of Mt Iron, Wanaka. The blaze is now under control but fire fighters will be there for some time dampening down hot spots. The fire was very close to homes but they believe no homes were lost.


11 responses to “05/01/2012 – Wanaka Fire Images

  1. Crazy to see Wanaka in flames. Happy no one was hurt!

  2. That is my house – photo #8 down – bloody terrifying… Thank goodness for incredibly awesome neighbours and the fire brigade did an AMAZING job.. Not to mention my husband, son & neighbour who prevented it from actually reaching our house 🙂

  3. Hey Tim, nice work on the photos/vid of the fire. I just had a quick scout around your zeros&ones site as well, you are doing some great stuff, keep it up!

  4. Indeed Mary, they did a great job. Glad no one is hurt!

  5. sharon woodings

    great photos wow some of those houses were sooo lucky

  6. Wow. Amazing photos! Im so glad that no one was hurt and the houses escaped any damage, it mustve been frightening.

  7. Awesome photos Tim! So pleased that properties were saved! Well done Wanaka!!!

  8. lauren schryvers

    scary stuff, but your photos are amazing

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  10. great images!! I alawys love chasing fire engines! hope you made some money out of these great photos

  11. Thanks goodness Nikkishouse and whanau are all OK!

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