Wanaka Scrub Fire Recap

Yesterday was one very long day & a very interesting experience! After photographing & filming the 4am scrub fire in Wanaka, I put some images/video online and was continually bombarded from media in New Zealand & Australia for the majority of the day. The story was of significant interest as it was such a magnificent blaze & no one was hurt. ( It was also right in time to warn people about fire dangers this summer)  I wanted to put a post out to show how far and wide the story spread in such a short time.

I’ll start with the video coverage. National News stations TV1 & TV3 both did feature news segments on the fire which aired last night. View TV1s Segment here, view TV3s segment here. Stuff.co.nz got my video footage first, and did the first online coverage here. Followed by NZ Herland online here & the ODT online here. Scoop poached TV3s raw footage here. The raw footage which I put on my youtube channel here also appeared on TV3 & TV1s site.

Filming the aftermath

The initial photo galleries that I posted on my blog here also spread through out the web. TV3 posted a gallery here, The ODT posted a gallery here, The Dominion Post here, Stuff.co.nz here. Today Fairfax will be publishing one of the images throughout its 9 news papers, & one of the images also made front cover of the ODT.

TV3 have been filming in my office 3 times in the past 6 months or so. Ben Ruffell gets the job done.

The scrub also got radio coverage, I received calls from all over New Zealand with people telling me that announcers were raving about the footage & photos. All video & photos were shot on the jack of all trades – Canon 5DMKII.


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