X-Games Photo & Video Recap

I have spent the past week in Aspen, Colorado working on the Winter X-Games for Atomic. X-Games is the biggest event in action sports and it’s always an incredible experience. I was working on a variety of roles, from PR & key visual photos to video coverage – being the true new age digi journo! This rather large post contains a bunch of my favorite images and some video updates that I helped out with. I’m in the states for two more days and then head back to NZ.

I managed to upgrade to business premiere using my airpoints on the way over. Definitely worth it!

Nick Draxl – Atomic Team Manager

One of our favourite breakfast cafes on Main street in Aspen.

Bruce Wells

Josiah James bought a Leica M9. Huge camera envy.

Elias Ambuhl – Slope Course

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35633939 w=750&h=422]

Same day turn around video coverage from the first day of practice. I filmed some of this.

Josiah James Wells owning the gnarly top feature on the slope course.

48 x GoPros Synced up for some Matrix shooting.

Nick Draxl & Mark Vonroy.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35703899 w=750&h=422]

Slope & Pipe Practice Vid update

Andreas Hatveit heading into Slope Finals

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35767723 w=750&h=422]

Andreas Hatveit claiming 3rd in the Slopestyle. Could you be more stoked?

Dre with his Bronze!

Fabian Weber

Elias Ambuhl

Bobby Brown

The new Atomic Punx

Elias Ambuhl, practicing Big Air in the puking snow

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35866478 w=750&h=422]

Jossi Wells threw down claiming 3rd in the Big Air. So good to see Joss back on the X Podium

When I was shooting Joss on the podium, he threw his helmet into the crowd. Somehow it landed at my feet. Win Win!



2 responses to “X-Games Photo & Video Recap

  1. you seem to have a lot of fun in the snow at the same time i can imagine the work load. I do have one question for you, how do you carry longer lenses with you out in the field whether its shooting mtb or snow sports ?

  2. Hi O’nev – I don’t own any lenses larger than the 70-200mm which fits nicely in my Fstop Satori with all my gear when in the field. I would love some bigger glass, will invest in some soon!

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