Deans Bank // Justin Leov

[vimeo w=750&h=422]

Over the past year I’ve really enjoyed riding the Deans Bank mountainbike trail in Wanaka. It’s an approximately 40 min single track loop on the side of the Clutha river ( Justin rode it in 30 min the morning after shooting this video ) that caters for every level of rider. The trail inspired me so much that I decided to create this short film. My motivation behind the film was to create a cross country mtb film that made riding up hill, and across flat look fun – something that is very rarely done successfully. This is not an easy task by any means and relies on creative camera movements, a bit of planning and the right edit. I gave Justin Leov a call, told him my idea and we managed to quickly fit this shoot in over one day, with the support of Lake Wanaka Tourism. I also threw in a couple of scenics that I shot with the ShotOver on a previous shoot for Annabel Langbeins cooking show. Below are a few BTS photos and some more info…

Deans Bank trail shapes.

A lot of people have asked me how I achieved all the smooth tracking shots in the video. Recently I purchased the glidecam 4000hd which is a hand held stabilization rig, using weights and a small gimbal to minimize bumps whilst walking. I mount the 5d on top and try to create original movements. I used lots of full pace running following justin on and around the trail. Deans Bank was a great location to do this as there was plenty of room for me to move around the trail.

I chose the Canon5d for this job as it’s easy to use with the glidecam, and is so small and versatile. When shooting in locations with no vehicle access its important to have light gear. When this camera is combined with prime lenses and used the right way the image quality is phenomenal.

As in all films I believe variety of shots is key. I tried to use lots of nicely composed lock offs in this film, the majority of which were shot with the Canon 50mm f.14

Mid reverse glide cam wrap around the berm shot

Shooting one of the last shots into the evening light.


4 responses to “Deans Bank // Justin Leov

  1. Love the technical stuff and skills revealed in the BTS shots.

  2. Pingback: Video: Justin Leov @ Deans Bank - Dirt

  3. Yeahh Justin! Remember? We raced IXS Cup together in 2001-2004 or so. I was with the Vall’Cyle boys. Cheers buddy!
    Fabian Gattlen

  4. Inspirational riding and filmmaking!


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