Genie – Motion Control Timelapse Device

The Genie

Over the past few years the development of cheap DSLR cameras has caused a huge boom in timelapse video. Every second video being posted online seems to contain beautiful time lapse imagery, from city streets at night through to timelapses of the aurora shot from NASA Satellites. It’s far from a new technique, but it will never get old –  The lads at Syrp have developed a device to aid more creative and advanced timelapse options called the Genie.

The Genie mounted on a Philip Bloom slider for linear + panning movment

I’m stoked on this product because it’s been designed in Queenstown by two New Zealanders, Ben Ryan & Chris Thomson. They’ve thought things through properly and this seems to be one incredibly versatile device. The Genie has been launched on KickStarter and is off to a great start, jump in there and support the boys! I recommend watching the video on kickstarter to understand the device, the photos don’t do it justice. I don’t shoot a large amount of timelapse imagery but I think I’m gonna have to buy one of these to explore some different possibilities. Combining controlled linear and panning movements together opens a tonne of doors.


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