Tim Pierce x Director x Robbers Dog

Roofff rufff!

There have been some huge changes for my work recently, many of which I haven’t been able to share. But, I can now let this puppy out of the bag.

As of 2012 I am proud to be a Director for one of the top production companies in the Asia Pacific region. Robbers Dog has a huge variety of very polished work and some incredible clients, not to mention an envied roster of international directors that I’m delighted to be aligned with. My work is going through some big transitions at the moment & I’ll be able to share some fresh films in the near future. For now be sure to check out the doggies site and films on the links below – you even get to see me as an animated pup layered with chains and denim.



2 responses to “Tim Pierce x Director x Robbers Dog

  1. Mary Akkerman

    Congratulations on becoming a robbers’ dog! I’m sure you’ll find running with such a creative pack a lot of fun. Some of the dogs’ work appears on TV here in Oz. Very offbeat and original.

  2. Thanks Mary. Yup they are a great crew, and indeed their style of work fits mine. Alot of the doggies work is in Aus!

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