Dumaine Dubois Gentil – Marc De Possorio

I have a large variety of clients that demand quick turn around videos to be used online, in stores and at tradeshows. These videos are a little different being the first clips I have done in a foreign language for french olive oil company Dumaine Dubois Gentil. Nothing fancy, but achieved on a tight budget, in a tight time frame. I have absolutely no idea what Marc is saying but he delivers well. I edited the clips with the Marketing Manager from the company.

Standard set up, operating two DSLRS, one led panel, and audio running into the Zoom H4n

Gliding cammin to the green house

Although Marc owns a 3 Michelin star Restaurant in France, these two meals were cooked on zee kiwi barrrbeee!


2 responses to “Dumaine Dubois Gentil – Marc De Possorio

  1. Mary Akkerman

    Tres bien, Tim. Tres interesant! Encore, s’il vous plait.

  2. Tim… You can now get the full story as we’ve been adding some English subtitles to your videos. Salmon one at http://dai.ly/KeLSh5. No excuse for overcooking your salmon now.

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